smell the shift in the weather

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whence come o’er me
a’shuddering, ill wind
blow divine comedy

these Santa Ana horse-
mad arid mornings

Smell of ash, cold sweats


Motherfuckin’ Lyotard

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The transmission of knowledge is no longer designed to train an elite capable of guiding the nation toward its emancipation, but to supply the system with players capable of acceptably fulfilling their roles at the pragmatic posts required by its institutions.

J-F Lyotard: The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

E.J. Gold — American Book of the Dead

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With special relevance to those who are sick and dying, this American interpretation of the timeless Tibetan spiritual classic is invaluable for anyone in spiritual crisis, preparing for death, or wishing to honor loved ones.

via E.J. Gold — American Book of the Dead.

at least, that’s what they say on the sales page • personally I suspect it’s probably secret source material for Twin Peaks.


this book has me thinking about making a list on sloppyunruh of haunted places in america though – so watch for that

Carly Simon ends You’re So Vain riddle

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she solved the riddle by whispering David’s name BACKWARDS in a reworked version of the 1972 song for her new album Never Been Gone, out next week

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Faemblem of Divstellatio

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Authored thousands of years ago, long before the Erectaclysm destroyed the Toltecs and created the Bay of Mexico, this text is considered the primary source from which Abd Alhazred learnt his magics, and the viracochas Votan took the knowledge he gained from this text and used it to retire in the netherlands once his work in what is now called Peru was complete.

Most planets outlaw pyramiding

via Infictive Research – Faemblem of divstellatio.

& you won’t believe what they said about jesus

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to quote:

…and move our form of government towards socialism by using linguistics.

via District parents angry over radical Web link.

Ron Paul: “Take out the CIA”

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Ron Paul: “Take out the CIA”.

It’s a pretty provocative message, especially
in a country where the intelligence agencies
seem to do whatever they please.

But what good has the CIA ever done?

They’ve been implicated in supporting
the drug trade, they’ve trained and encouraged
other countries to engage in torture, they’ve
engaged in illegal coups and assassinations,
the put Nazis on their payroll after WW II…

Now they’re randomly lobbing missiles
at Pakistan via their drones and leaving
servicemen on the ground to take the
fire for their recklessness.

By the way, guess who founded the CIA
as we know it?

A Wall Street lawyer.

And it’s been run by the Ivy League kids of
rich families (ex. George Bush Sr.) ever since.

They work for our best interests, right?  Sure they do.

Ron Paul cuts to the chase.

– Brasscheck

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‘Windows 7 Was My Idea, But to Be Fair, I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About’ – windows 7 – Gizmodo

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Those “Windows 7 was my idea” ads only make sense if you assume the people with the ideas weren’t idiots. This take on the ads is more honest about what Microsoft would’ve gotten if they’d really crowdsourced their OS.

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About | Journal of Borderland Research

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“We have actually touched the Borderland where Matter and Force seem to merge into one another, the shadowy realm between the known and the unknown. I venture to think that the greatest scientific problems of the future will find their solutions in this Borderland, and even beyond; here, it seems to me, lie ultimate realities, subtle, far reaching, wonderful.”

Sir William Crookes

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new iteration of mutato nomine

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