Robert Minch – I Say: A sheltered life is not forthcoming – Red Bluff Daily News Online

Our County  Board of Supervisors have shelved once again plans for the sale of marijuana by medical prescription despite Washington’s Global Commission on Drug Policy assessment that the war on drugs has failed and cannot be won. So if the issue is too great for our local politicians, then it is up to  President Obama to stiffen his spine and enact a bill for the legalization of the sale of  the weed. Prices would plummet, overcrowding of jails would be a thing of the past…and with a healthy tax on such sales, our State and others would be in the black once again.  But there is that moral imperative lurking above common sense. Somehow it is not right in the view of many,  for people, of any age, to get high on drugs. O.K. on booze, but not on pot. A strange and costly distinction.


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