a dozen podcasts on tv, comedy, and film

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#1. WTF with Marc Maron

#2. The Treatment

#3. Stories that Matter

#4. The Business

#5. Movies on the Radio

#6. The Dinner Party Download

#7. Slate’s Culture Gabfest

#8. The Golden Briefcase

#9. How Did This Get Made?

#10. Doug Loves Movies

#11. Firewall and Iceberg

#12. Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan


Pat Buchanan Says Oslo Shooter’s Views “May Be Right”

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Fears of “cultural Marxism” have a long pedigree in this country. It’s a conspiratorial kind of “political correctness” on steroids — a covert assault on the American way of life that allegedly has been developed by the left over the course of the last 70 years. Those who use the term posit that a small group of German philosophers, all Jews who fled Germany and went to Columbia University in the 1930s to found the Frankfurt School, devised a cultural form of “Marxism” aimed at subverting Western civilization. The method involves manipulating the culture into supporting homosexuality, sex education, egalitarianism, and the like, to the point that traditional institutions and culture are ultimately wrecked.
A number of hate groups, including the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), have raised the specter of cultural Marxism as a way to explain contemporary events (click here to watch the CCC’s DVD on the theory). But Buchanan is probably the most prominent advocate, and certainly the only one with access to the mainstream media. He is featured prominently on culturalmarxism.org, where film clips and blurbs explain why cultural Marxism threatens the West.


New Statesman – How the Murdoch press keeps Australia’s dirty secret

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The Murdoch press has been the most lurid and vociferous in promoting the “intervention”, which a United Nations special rapporteur has condemned for its racial discrimination. Once again, Australian politicians are dispossessing the first inhabitants, demanding leasehold of land in return for health and education rights that white people take for granted and driving them into “economically viable hubs” where they will be effectively detained – a form of apartheid.


Governor signs bill banning bath salts

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Robert Minch – I Say: A sheltered life is not forthcoming – Red Bluff Daily News Online

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Our County  Board of Supervisors have shelved once again plans for the sale of marijuana by medical prescription despite Washington’s Global Commission on Drug Policy assessment that the war on drugs has failed and cannot be won. So if the issue is too great for our local politicians, then it is up to  President Obama to stiffen his spine and enact a bill for the legalization of the sale of  the weed. Prices would plummet, overcrowding of jails would be a thing of the past…and with a healthy tax on such sales, our State and others would be in the black once again.  But there is that moral imperative lurking above common sense. Somehow it is not right in the view of many,  for people, of any age, to get high on drugs. O.K. on booze, but not on pot. A strange and costly distinction.


Thought and memory

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After the wards

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New thoughts

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Tap Your Skin To Make A Phone Call

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It’s called Skinput. The user wears an armband, which contains a very small projector that projects a menu or keypad onto a person’s hand or forearm.

via The Presurfer: Tap Your Skin To Make A Phone Call.